Improvement in Customer Service level in leading Public Sector Bank

Business Situation

  • The client is a leading public central bank and was facing problem in customer service. Answering customers for their query, from basic level to managerial levels. A Change in attitude was required with help of videos and case studies.
  • The client wanted to develop capability at the customer service level and at Operation level to address the needs of each customer


  • Develop key perspectives in top leadership as well as clerical staff to handle customer.
  • Train Operation Team to use soft Skills, towards handling unique situations in handling customer needs /demands

Our Solutions

  • A structured diagnosis followed by assessment, feedback, and structured development intervention
  • The design took into account the unique situations faced, understanding customer behaviors /expectations, and skills required to give the high response to meet the needs.
  • Customer Service module allowed a deeper understanding of personal style /behavior and reasons for bottlenecks and conflicts. Also, it helped employees to bridge the gap between how to view one’s role and expectations from stakeholders.