Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching develops potential and improves performance dramatically for self and team. PoPost-assessment one to one coaching is provided by our expert coaches. This leads to an improvement in decision making, relationship building, and communication.

Executive coaching is a key developmental intervention for senior executives and acts as a catalyst in their own leadership journey. Senior executives benefit from 1-1, private interactions, where trust and relationship play a key role. Adult learning principles are used, which support the whole process. Senior executives also benefit from the personal focus and attention, as well as being able to chart out a development path owned by themselves.

The process also allows senior executives to learn new development techniques and tools which can be used by them for developing their own second line.

Advance Coaching creates access to self-insights that would not normally surface for a leader. It is executed in a trusting and confidential atmosphere.

At Pure Talent Services Advanced, coaching is done by Certified Coaches who use and promote a globally tested coaching method   which has been used across the globe